Phoenix RDC is a master when it comes to street knowledge. Born in Angola and raised in Vialonga, near Lisbon, Phoenix RDC is like the mythological creature that arises from the ashes to become one of the most interesting voices of Portuguese hip hop. He is a story-teller like no other. Tracks like “Caos”, “Renegado”, “American Express”, and “M.A.D.H.P” are testimony to the inevitability of living beyond the rules in certain circumstances, according to this rapper. In recent years this MC has consolidated himself as one of the most celebrated names in Portuguese rap, completing solo projects as well as collaborations with Sam the Kid, Valete, Regula, Wet Bed Gang, Bossa AC, Jimmy P, BeatBombers, Kroniko, Dynamic Duo, and DJ Nel Assassin, amongst others. 2019 was a significant year for Phoenix DC as his single “Vencedor” managed Gold and Platinum awards, thus gaining a place in Portuguese hip hop history.  The artist himself is a true success that will go on the Portuguese beats and rhymes archives. History is in the making with songs like “Primavera” (Ft. Jhessyca & Woodo) and “Morte do Artista”, Phoenix RDC’s recent releases which show an artist on top form. The next Sumol Summer Fest edition will bring an opportunity to celebrate this rapper’s winning talent.