THEY. is one of the most stimulating and eclectic projects of our days, so much that it is really hard to label this Los Angeles duo. There’s hip-hop, rock, r&b, pop and influences as different as Nirvana, New Edition, Ed Sheeran, Taking Back Sunday or James Brown. The duo THEY. was born from the encounter between Dante Jones and Drew Love. Drew was writing for r&b singers at the time like Chris Brown while Dante was lending his talent to artists such as or Kelly Clarkson (with whom he even won a Grammy). When they met in California, they soon started to make music together. They released the single “Working For It” in 2015 in collaboration with Zhu and Skrillex, which is still a milestone in the duo’s career. “Nü Religion”, their first EP, was also released in 2015 and it was really well received thanks to their eclecticism, the atmospheric production, the guitars and their voices reminiscent of names like The Weeknd, the Dream or even Gallant. Their singles “Say When” and “Deep End”, released in 2016 further increased the expectations for their debut album, “Nü Religion: Hyena”. This album proves that THEY. are drinking from many fountains, resulting on a certain “Grunge&B”… By the end of 2018 they released another EP, “Fireside” which adds up to the list of good reasons not to miss them on July 5, Sumol Stage, in Sumol Summer Fest.