The Monte Abrão artist, member of the large Mafia 73 collective started making waves in mid-2018 with Chá de Camomila. This EP followed “My Way”, released at Christmas 2017, and contained singles like “Chá Preto”. But it was in 2018 that T-Rex really started to cause a stir with his mix of rap and R&B, trap and drill as well as other futuristic beats. In 2020, the EP Gota D’Espaço came to consolidate this artist’s considerable talent. He refuses labels and prefers to invent his own formula. He’s known for his tireless on-stage presence, extreme devotion to his fans, carefully crafted videos. Cor D’Água, his anticipated debut album, expected in 2022, will be testimony to his serious approach to the studio work, the production and the fine-tuning of his tracks. A taste of what’s to come arrived in 2021 with the track “Volta”. The song is a piece of heaven wrapped in auto-tune candy floss showing T-Rex as a musician whose catchy songs are captivating a whole generation. “Volta” managed nearly two million streams in a mere couple of months and this artist’s phone was also hot with collaboration requests from Portuguese-language artists such as Julinho KSD, Frankieontheguitar, D.A.M.A., 9Miller, Calema, NGA and Mobbers. His is the path of a rising star shining brighter every day., T-Rex is unstoppable so get ready for him at the Sumol Summer Fest in 2022.