Sam The Kid presents “Mechelas is a show conceived by Sam the Kid exclusively for Sumol Summer Fest. This will be a full presentation concert of his album “Mechelas” counting with the presence of every guest that participated on the album released by Sam the Kid at the end of 2018.

Sam The Kid is this show’s producer and host and he will welcome on stage Bispo, Blasph, Bob da Rage Sense, Boss AC, Classe Crua (Bware Jack), Daddy-o-Pop, Ferry, Francis Dale, GROGNation, Karlon Krioulo, Lancelot, Maze, Muleca XIII, Nameless, Phoenix RDC, Sir Scratch and Zuka.

Sam The Kid will be the only element who is present on stage throughout the whole concert where Chelas’ mood will be recreated, taking Sam the Kid’s spirit and the imagery to Sumol Summer Fest. Gathering all of these artists on stage will be a milestone in hip hop history. A unique and historic moment, not to be missed, in Sumol Summer Fest.