You could say that RIOT is responsible for some of the best Portuguese electronic music. Rui Pedro Soares Da Silva Pité, better known as RIOT, is a pioneer in the zouk bass scene and has left a deserving mark with well-liked songs and also on dancefloors around the country and beyond. His success can be understood through the quality of his work. A RIOT DJ set is not only a journey of discovery of the most recent urban sounds but also a reference to the past: the music he created with Branko, Kalaf, Conductor and Blaya with their band Buraka Som Sistema, a jewel of Lusophone music. Their Lisbon sound, clearly influenced by the Portuguese diaspora, truly meant the invention of a new musical concept – under the direction of Riot, of course. It is this kind of music that seems to embrace the world that RIOT is interested in, even as a solo DJ act. From afro-house to hip hop, from Angolan kuduru to drum’n’bass, as long as it makes sense you can find it all in a RIOT DJ set. Always interested in spreading the best music made in Portugal, his sets also contain remixes, exclusive bootlegs and even music from artists like Carlão, Slow J, MGDRV, Buraka Som Sistema themselves and others. His is a journey without limits, aimed at seducing audiences with different musical preferences. Just a few minutes into his set are enough to realise RIOT truly achieves his aim.