RDD is one of the most interesting DJs at present. He grew up in the Brazilian city of Salvador de Bahia and was culturally influenced by what has been called ‘the blackest city outside of Africa’. In time, RDD became one of the main music producers in Brazil. Together with his band, Àttooxxá, he was responsible for the 2018 Carnival hit “Elas Gostam”, a success with both indie and pop audiences, which opened the doors to the main festivals in Brazil. As a producer his unique style blends electronic and urban genres with the best of Bahia music. He has collaborated with names such as Ludmilla, Pablo Vittar and Larissa Luz, boasting over 120 million streams/plays.  His most recent work features collaborations from artists of the magnitude of Major Lazer, SILVA and Anitta. In his first solo project, Salcity Sounds, RDD tries to combine Bahian rhythms with African music movements from around the world. Greatly influenced by the traditional Brazilian percussion of Carlinhos Brown and Olodum, RDD offers a sound that’s inspired by a wide range of contemporary Bahian music rhythms, from pagodão to trap. “We Go Hard”, his solo single in collaboration with Agent Sasco and Dfideliz was acclaimed by the Brazilian music press, including Rolling Stone. More recently, RDD was invited to put his Bahian spin on Anitta’s international single “Me Gusta”, with Cardy B and Mike Towers. This song went straight to number 1 on Spotify Brazil and reached no. 24 on the platform’s Top Global. RDD’s sound is reaching for the stars and is coming to Portugal – he’ll be on the Sumol stage at the next Sumol Summer Fest on 2nd July.