Originally called MOB, Angolan band Mobbers was formed in 2014 by Xuxu Bower, LipeSky and Deksz James. Following some discussion, they decided to add other members to the band and went on to release their first few tracks. “Só Deus”, “Falas Baixo”, “Ando Com 30”, “Para os Teus Niggas” and “Aquele Puto” proved their work was worth following. In 2015, they extended the number of band members again with CaliJohn, Pedro Priceless, Edy J, Fredh Perry, Eric Rodrigues and Aldo F joining. In July 2016, they launched their first serious project, Money over Bitches, with hits like “Blocka”, “Culpado”, “Parvos” and “Bunda no Alto”. This project was well received, which led to live performances in Luanda and Lisbon and plenty of bookings thereafter. In November that year they had the opportunity to work with Angolan musician Preto Show, with the song “Baixa Mais Um Pouco” as a result. In 2017, the band launched a series of hits such as “Uh La La La”, “Vou Levar”, “Não Brinca Só”, consolidating their success. In 2018, they released their new album, Sob Pressão, containing well-loved tracks like “Ké Balar Né” and “Deixar Cair Geral”. Since then, Mobbers have toured the length and breadth of Angola, constantly surprising their fans with wonders such as “Palpitar” and, more recently, “TUMULTO”, produced by Weezy Baby. They will continue to surprise audiences at their next concert, taking place at Sumol Summer Fest.