WIU is one of the names of the moment on the Brazilian trap scene. He stands out for his production work with names like Matuê, BORGES or Whindersson Nunes, but also for his precious solo projects. And when you come into contact with the music produced by WIU, you immediately feel like you’re in front of a prodigy from these musical territories. Vinicius William has been passionate about hip-hop culture since he was a child and the trend was to swap computer games for Fruity Loops, a music production programme. The easiness of access to platforms such as Soundcloud and YouTube meant that he was able to make his first compositions known from an early age and it wasn’t long before he attracted the attention of trap fans. The first official single, “Sucrilhos”, represents the mental journey that WIU had to make to get to where he is now, always with his eyes set on a future yet to be conquered. With its bold beats and engaging rhythm, WIU is impossible to resist. And the proof is all that followed: “Vampiro”, with Matuê and Teto, “Mantém”, with Matuê, “Lágrimas de Crocodilo”, “Pitbull”, “Felina”, “Horas Iguais” or “Coração de Gelo” are some of the songs that have come out in recent years, reaching millions of views on YouTube and smashing the streaming platforms. At the end of 2022, he released his first album, “Manual de Como Amar Errado”. On this record, WIU is true to himself: lyrically romantic and with absolute control over the trap beats. This prodigy will be in Portugal on 6 July 2024, at the next edition of Sumol Summer Fest.