Wet Bed Gang are a good example of the vitality of Portuguese hip-hop. This band from Vialonga, made up of Zara G, GSon, Kroa and Zizzy, shows enviable rhythmic and poetic qualities, leaving no-one indifferent. Between 2013 and 2014 they uploaded more than 15 songs to YouTube and this productivity captivated an audience that has been growing ever since. The proof of this is that, at the end of summer 2016, the music video for the song ‘Não tens visto’ reached its first million views, and ‘Aleluia’, with Charlie Beats, released in 2017, followed the same path. ‘Devia Ir’, released in 2018, broke records and achieved the first Diamond Award for a Portuguese single. Meanwhile, Wet Bed Gang also grew artistically thanks to the presence in the studio of Conductor, from Buraka Som Sistema, and were increasingly able to channel a talent that showed itself both in the studio and in their powerful live performances, moments marked by euphoria, screams and even the moche… After generating a lot of anticipation among the public and critics, Wet Bed Gang released their debut album in 2021: ‘Ngana Zambi’. According to the disc’s narrator, the iconic Bonga, this record represents ‘the entity that encompasses all knowledge of being, of creation, of power, of originalities, of everything that is part of humanity.’ At the beginning of 2023 they released their second disc. ‘Gorilleyez’ was another winning bet, thanks to songs like ‘Visão Noturna’, ‘Estrela Maior’ and ‘GORRILAZ’, with a special guest appearance by L7NNON. In 2024 they will take to the stage at Sumol Summer Fest for an unmissable and exclusive concert in the Lisbon region on 5 July.