Clériton Sávio Santos Silva adopted the name Teto to conquer the world of music. The young Brazilian was born in Jacobina, a city around 300 kilometres from Salvador, and is already one of the people responsible for the explosion of trap music in Brazil. The artist, known as the “rei das prévias”, gained popularity in 2020 before even releasing a song. Teto published videos with snippets of his compositions on social media: the previews. The hype was so great that fans found a way to distribute unfinished versions on streaming platforms on their own. Teto reached the Spotify Top 30 in early 2021 with previews of two songs: “M4” (with Matuê) and “PayPal”. No other singer has reached the Spotify Top before an official release. After the official release of “M4”, the song reached #1 on Youtube and #4 on Spotify within the first 24 hours. The artist’s first EP, “”, includes hits such as “Paypal”, “Manha” and “Dia Azul”, as well as an unreleased song, “Fashion”. Shortly afterwards, the other singles, “Groupies”, with Matuê and Doode, and “Mustang Preto”, became two of his biggest hits, accumulating over 100 million streams in a short space of time. By now, Spotify has over 6 million monthly listeners. On YouTube, on the official channel of 30PRAUM, Teto’s label, there are almost 6 million subscribers and over 3 billion views… And more recent songs, such as “Minha Vida é Um Filme” or “Mais Um Voo”, prove that Teto is unstoppable. Since the start of his career, the Brazilian musician has given more than 274 concerts and the number promises to rise sharply in 2024. Portugal is already on the calendar: Teto will perform on 5 July 2024 at the next Sumol Summer Fest.