Morad is one of the most original names in current European hip-hop culture. In times of trained algorithms, in times of aggressive marketing campaigns, the triumph of this young Spanish talent is the triumph of truth. The trick to his success is precisely that there is no trick. Without a major label or radio play, Morad has managed, organically and almost single-handedly, to infiltrate the charts of his country’s most-listened-to artists. And he became proof that it’s still the public that calls the shots. After songs in which he revealed his talent, such as “Un cuento” or “Lo Queiera”, his fame exploded for good in 2020. “Motorola”, “Normal” or “Yo no voy” are anthems that have amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube. By then it seemed as if he had already touched the sky, but in 2021 he raised the bar once again with the results of songs like “Cómo están?”, “Soñar” or “Cuando ella sale”, and with collaborations with stars like Ozuna, Eladio Carrión, Capo Plaza, Baby Gang, Lacrim, Rim’K, Naps and Jul. The year 2022 arrived with the impact of “Pelele” and his BZRP session. These hits made him the first Spanish artist to occupy the top two positions on Spotify Spain for more than a day, although Morad’s real value is that he has become a reference on the urban scene, achieving an influence that is reflected on the street itself: Morad is heard in the park, on the metro on the way to work or back home, in the car driving past with the windows open, in the corridors of schools, from smartphone to smartphone: an entire generation has instantly connected with each of his releases, because Morad’s language is the language of the public, direct and authentic. And it’s a perfect match for Sumol Summer Fest spirit, where he’ll be performing on 5 July.