Lon3r Johny first came to attention on Soundcloud. Since then, he has never stopped showing his talent and is now one of the strongest names in the new hip-hop scene in Portugal. Among many songs already released, he made his debut on Think Music with “Crystal Castle” and “Trapstar”. More than two years ago he released the track “Death Note”, in collaboration with Finix MG, which was a real success and reached more than 6 million views on YouTube. A few months later he released another hit: “DRIP” has also been listened to more than 6 million times on YouTube alone and confirms the rapper’s best attributes. With a unique and very distinctive style that mixes trap, rock and pop, Lon3r Johny is proving to be one of the leading names in this new generation of Portuguese musicians. In 2023 he released “ANTI$$OCIAL” together with Plutónio. The disc was a hit with the public thanks to anthems like “UH LA LA LA” and “DIAMANTE”. And in the same year, he surprised the public with another unreleased record: “Tokyo Connection”. Inspired by a trip to the Japanese capital, the Portuguese rapper produced another collection of songs that prove his excellent creative momentum. Songs like “Nirvana” or “Moshpit” are among the best Lon3r has ever produced. But the magic doesn’t just happen in the studio: his live performances are marked by moments of great vibrancy and commitment. This energy can be witnessed by the audience at Sumol Summer Fest on 6 July.