King Bigs is one of the most promising rappers and songwriters on the Portuguese hip-hop scene. The rapper stands out for his raw but melodic sound, which the audience can relate to and which acts as a window into his private reality and the reality of those around him. Born in Monte da Caparica and raised in London, he returned to the streets where he was born around 2017, when he began to dedicate himself seriously to music. In 2018 he released his first single, “Tipo de Vida”. The song received a reception, surpassing 2 million views on YouTube. This was followed by “Como é que Tamos!?”, with Mota Jr, a track that has already passed 3 million views, revealing King Bigs as one of the great promises of national hip-hop. He continued to release various songs showing his versatility, combining street rap with a very peculiar musicality. Another of Kings Bigs’ trademarks is the way he uses humour in his lyrics, even when talking about life’s toughest subjects.In 2022 he released “Momma” with Regula, and at the end of 2023 “Gangstanismo”. Both songs raised the artist’s reputation to an ever higher level, creating growing anticipation for the release of his first major solo project. In 2024, five years into his career and with multiple hits already released, King Bigs is preparing to release an album that promises to be a breath of fresh air on the Portuguese rap scene. He also promises to present this news at Sumol Summer Fest, on 6 July, on the Sumol Stage.