Joint One & Yung Juse are two artists who rose to prominence in 2020 with the resounding success of the song “Tou na Festa”. By now the single has over six million views on YouTube alone. Another hit soon followed, “MoneyPuxaMoney”. These two talents met in 2018 after identifying with each other’s raw and real language. They both have solo careers, as well as collaborative singles. “Sangue Azul”, a predominantly instrumental EP released in 2022, marked Joint One’s debut. And 2023 saw the release of the EP “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”, Yung Juse’s solo record. They both feel influenced by bands like Shoreline Mafia and other names from California’s West Coast. At the beginning of 2024 they released “Uma Cena Estética”, the first single from their album “PORTOBOYZMAFIA!”. This new record by the duo, much anticipated by the public, will be one of the strong ingredients of the concert prepared by Joint One & Yung Juse for the next edition of Sumol Summer Fest, on 5 July.