From Madorna, Portugal, to the world, André Silva, known as Piruka, has become a reference of Portuguese hip hop. As he himself has admitted, Piruka was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; however, life had a way to show him a harsher reality. In time, the silver spoon turned to tin and he then turned it to shiny platinum. Once referred to as “The Portuguese boy worth millions” he changed the music scene when he released his album AClara and he has since reached an absolutely astronomical 220 million combined views/streams on online platforms. Tracks like “Louco”, “Se Eu Não Acordar Amanhã”, “Salto Alto”, “Não Se Passa Nada”, “Os Meus Putos”, “Prova Dos 9” and “Impossíveis”, amongst many others, are sung in a hymnlike manner by his fans. Piruka has received countless invitations to take part in projects, some of which are beyond the Portuguese borders, namely in Brazil. In spite of his success, Piruka won’t rest and shows himself more committed than ever in 2020. His aim is to keep on beating records and to give back to his loyal fans. He is currently working on his second original album, which includes hit tracks to whet your appetite like “Louco” (feat. Bluay and produced by Rusty), “Impossíveis” (produced by Tom Enzy) and “Até ” (produced by Lazuli), all of which have millions of views on YouTube. There are plenty of reasons to want the front row at Piruka’s concert at the next Sumol Summer Fest edition on July 2nd 2021Sumol stage.