LON3R JOHNY began to be noticed on Soundcloud and has recently been signed by Think Music. Having launched many songs previously, LON3R JOHNY made his debut at Think Music with “Crystal Castle” and “Trapstar”. His song “Death Note” in collaboration with Finix MG was a massive success, having reached over five million views on YouTube to date. “DRIP”, his next success, with more than four million views on YouTube, came a few months later to showcase the rapper’s best attributes. This single has had more than four million views on YouTubeLON3R JOHNY has a unique style that brings together trap, rock and pop, making him one of the names to follow as part of a new generation of Portuguese artist. He’ll leave his mark at Ericeira Camping on July 3rd. 


Sippinpurpp is the new wonder of Portuguese trap. His particular and controversial style has earned him an increasingly loyal audience. His career continues to grow after overcoming some difficulties in his solo beginnings and he is now one of the faces of the label Think Music. After collaborating in Mike the Nite’s “Dr. Bayard”, Sippinurpp published “Sauce”, which was an instant hit and went on to earn a platinum award. This was the first track of an EP published at the end of 2019, produced by rkeatbenji price and Osémio Boémio. Another successful track, “Havana”, was produced by ProfJam. This concert will be even more remarkable as he will be accompanied by a series of guest artists from Think Music.