ProfJam has plotted one of the most interesting and unique artistic trajectories in Portuguese hip hop. He has developed a brand and a sound in a class of its own. The rapper began to be noticed in circuits such as Portuguese rap battles Liga Knock Out and made his debut in 2014 with his mixtape The Big Banger Theory. Mixtakes was his next work, which was considered one of the best of 2016 and included the classic “Queq Queres”. In 2018 ProfJam released Yabba and Gwapo, with the collaboration of Yuzi, one of the artists from record label Think Music. Both these albums reached impressive figures on streaming platforms. The Internet has been one of the main consolidation platforms for ProfJam’s music; “Xamã” and “Mortalhas”, released in 2017, reached millions of views on YouTube. With intricate lyrics, complex flows and productions that speak to the present as well as the future, ProfJam cultivates an extremely personal style which has left its mark on successive releases and on stages the length and breadth of the country. His single “Água de Coco” once again stunned with an elaborate and imaginative writing style. “Água de Coco” was the first single of the anticipated album #FFFFFF, released in 2019 and produced by Lhast. . #FFFFFF has a story to tell, made up of colours and nuances, sounds and words, flows and double meanings; “Só dou à palavra o que eu vejo” says the rapper (something like ‘I hand over to words only what I see’) and so all of us can also see with him. His success story continued and in 2020 he released a masterpiece with Benji Price, System, which jumped to the top spots on streaming platforms, with several million streams and views: the track “Tribunal” went platinum and “Finais” went gold. ProfJam started 2023 with a new album to his name entitled Música de Intervenção Divina. Songs like “Saca Lá”, “AZTECA”, “FAX”, “Nada me Falta” and “WUOW” show us ProfJam is on top form and generate great expectations for the rapper’s concert on 30th June, at Sumol Summer Fest.