Mishlawi was born in Arizona but grew up in Cascais, Portugal, where his family moved when he was 10. He attended the Carlucci American International School of Lisbon until the age of 18, when he went back to the US to study at the American University in Washington DC. He prefers the Portuguese outlook on life as opposed to that in the US and this is reflected on his music and the way he feels at easy on a Portuguese stage. He has become one of the most interesting artists in Portuguese hip hop in recent years – The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia considered him Portuguese hip hop’s revelation. Mishlawi originally began making waves on YouTube, where he was discovered by Portuguese artist Richie Campbell and later signed to Bridgetown Records. This transatlantic artist has captivated public and critics alike thanks to several successful singles and performances at some of the biggest stages in Portugal. In spite of his early success, Mishlawi waited for the right time to release his debut album, which came in 2019. Solitaire is his most personal project, which reflects his individual growth and the way he navigated the difficulties he found at the time of its creation. This is an ever more independent artist in search of his goals, in a process of self-improvement. Hits like “All Night”, “Uber Driver”, “Always on my Mind” and, more recently, “That’s Me” (ft. Ivandro) are a few of the most anticipated songs at Sumol Summer Fest, where Mishlawi will perform on 30th June, on the Sumol stage.