Matuê is a promising artist in the Brazilian hip hop scene. Born in Fortaleza in October 1993, he was raised in California and so both worlds are reflecedt in his artistic personality. Inspired by a musical family, beats and rhymes have always been part of Matuê’s life. Difficult teenage years were made even trickier by his grandfather’s death, who was a guiding light for the artist. The rapper found solace in music as the way to express himself, giving voice to his concerns and the concerns of thousands of young people that had experienced similar life events. He made his debut with “RBN”, released in 2016, captivating audiences thanks to its original sound and the distinct cadence of his words. Always looking to do something different, he had a string of successful singles, such as “Anos Luz” and “A Morte do Autotune” before releasing his debut album in 2020. Máquina do Tempo, released by the artist’s own label, 30PRAUM, was well received. Singles like the title track or “777-666” have topped 100 million views on YouTube. Matuê had previously reached even more impressive numbers with “Kenny G”, which was released in 2019 and has accumulated over 200 million views since. The mega popular artist will be in Portugal in 2023, performing on Sumol Summer Fest’s Sumol stage on 30th June.