Another exclusive and unique moment, offered by Sumol Summer Fest, Guerrilla Girls, is a tribute to a North American collective composed of feminist artists formed in the 80s in New York, which aimed to tackle gender and racial inequality in the art scene. Since the early days of Portuguese Hip Hop, in the early 90’s, women have taken a prominent role in rap. One of the roles of hip-hop is to talk about inequalities, but the truth is that throughout history some female voices have not had the opportunities normally given to all rappers. So, let’s celebrate the best of Portuguese female rap in a unique show where we will gather 8 female artists on one stage. They are Blaya, Carla Prata, Cíntia, Eva Rap Diva, Muleca XIII, TVON and DJ Allexia. Each of the artists will have the opportunity to demonstrate on stage why they are considered avant-garde and have their name inscribed in hip-hop culture. Another concert to be written in the history of Sumol Summer Fest, on July 1, at Palco Sumol.