Made up of Tyler Daley and Konny Kon, this Manchester-based duo is an original project where the best hip hop meets soul music to captivate audiences everywhere. Both artists find their origins in the same Manchester grime scene as Bugzy Malone and LEVELZ, but Children of Zeus depart from this trend as proven by their debut single, “Still Standing”. This song brings a different sound to the hip hop made in Britain in the last decade, presenting an irresistible combination between rap and soul. Both Daley and Kon enjoyed their own music careers before coming together in Children of Zeus. Kon’s ability as an MC and Daley’s soulful voice marry perfectly over the beats they create. After the success of “Still Standing”, the single “I Can’t Wait” and the EP The Story So Far (2017)… followed under the independent label First World. In 2018, they released their debut album to great public and critical acclaim. Travel Light was a mixture of R&B, neo-soul, reggae and some other influences. In 2021, their return to the studio brought Balance. As per its title, this album balances out their appetite to push themselves to do something different and the maturity of having developed their own musical language. Some recent tracks, like “Be Someone” and “I Know” are greatly anticipated by the Sumol Summer Fest audience, where Children of Zeus will be on 30th June, on the Sumol stage.