From Mem Martins to the whole country, Bispo has been slowly conquering his space, since in 2003 he decided to take music more seriously, working to be one of the most relevant names in Portuguese hip hop. After the mixtapes “Recomeço” and “Passo a Passo”, Bispo released “Bispoterapia” in 2014, an EP in collaboration with the producer “Intakto”. A year later came that long-awaited first original album, “Desde a Origem”, which featured two big names in Portuguese hip hop: Sam the Kid and Maze (Dealema). Success was inevitable, which resulted in album sales, more concerts, and new collaborations. And one of those collaborations was with Fumaxa, with whom he released the EP “Fora D’Horas”, one of the highlights of Portuguese hip hop in 2017. That record revealed a Bishop at the top of his abilities, something that would be confirmed with the release of “NÓS2”, a single that burst on the radios in 2018 and served as an appetizer for what was to come from the rapper from Mem Martins. Today there is no doubt that Bispo is one of the certainties of national hip-hop, after numerous hits like “Essa Saia” with Ivandro, “Monarchy” with Diogo Piçarra, he recently released “Planeta” together with Bárbara Tinoco, a single that has already reached millions of views and reached all the tops in Portugal. It is an increasingly mature artist that will step on the Sumol Stage, on the first day of July, for another edition of Sumol Summer Fest.