Aya Coco Danioko, known as Aya Nakamura, is a Malian-French singer born in a family of storytellers, in Bamako, Mali. Her story began when she moved with her family to France as a child and was raised in a Paris suburb. She took the name Nakamura from a TV programme but it was on the Internet where she started to get noticed, mainly after creating her own YouTube channel. Her performance of songs like “Karma” and “J’ai mal” captivated thousands of fans but it was the release of “Brisé”, a song with over 40 million views on YouTube today, that propelled her to fame. Nakamura brings an irresistible blend of Afrobeat and R&B, where a keen pop sensitivity comes through. Having gained an impressive fanbase, she signed for Warner Music France and released her debut album, Journal Intime, in 2017. With collaborations with the likes of MHD, KeBlack and Gradur, this work quickly became one of the best-selling albums in France. The following album, Nakamura, topped the success of her debut. Her single “Djadja” not only conquered French audiences but European ones too. The artist’s international status became a reality after the release of her third album, Aya, with international hit “Jolie Nana”. This full-length contains collaborations with Stormzy and Ms Banks. Several successful singles followed before Nakamura released singles “SMS” and “Baby”, in preparation for this year’s new album, DNK. Aya Nakamura will bring her international hits as well as her new songs to Portugal, where she’ll perform at Sumol Summer Fest on 30th June