Diana De Brito is a true Renaissance woman that has adapted to the 21st century. Known by her stage name IAMDDB, she shows a female power impossible to remain indifferent to. Active in Manchester’s effervescent musical scene, this young artist keeps creating and pushing boundaries within her own musical language. Songs like “Waeveybby, Volume 1”, “Vibe, Volume 2” and “Hood Rich, Volume 3” as well as “Kare Package” reveal IAMDDB as one of the most conscious and creative in a new generation of artists. The principle that we should accept ourselves as we are has a strong presence in her message, but also subjects/topics ranging from women’s rights to her spiritual beliefs. IAMDDB marries jazz with trap beat, a skill she’s really mastered. Increasingly interested in her Angolan roots, she lists names like Jimmy Dludlu and Lianne La Havas as her references. Throughout her career she’s managed to get attention from publications such as British Vogue, Elle, GQ, Wonderland, Dazed, Evening Standard, The Guardian, Crack, NME and more. Hits like “Shade”, with over 40 million views on YouTube, will be eagerly awaited by audiences at Sumol Summer Fest – IAMDDB will appear in concert on the Sumol stage on 1st July.