In his life, the interest in music (hip-hop more specifically) was an everlasting constant. As soon as he became a teenager, he was already riffing his first rhymes. He soon began to collaborate with rappers like Regula, Xeg, Skunk, Dj Cruzfader, among others. The outcome was predictable: ever since 2016 that Holly Hood has been one of the most resonating names in the Portuguese hip-hop scene. That was the year of the release of his first solo song. “Qualquer Boda” stirred the waters mas the best was yet to come as his following singles proved. “Cobras e Ratazanas” and “Fácil” didn’t leave space for any doubt as to the rapper’s talent. these were the first steps of the “O Dread Que Matou Gorilas” trilogy. In a short time, Holly Hood was already performing all across the country. People’s reactions and involvement in his music were immediate with his verses being sung in unison. “Sangue Ruim” is the trilogy’s second part. “Ignorante”, “Cala a Boca”, and “Miúda” (one of the most romantic tracks with an official video directed by him, counting over 8 million views) are the singles from his second album that is about to be released. Holly Hood is one of the men of the moment in Portuguese music and he will surely be received with bliss on July 6, in Ericeira.