GROGNation is not just a Crew, it’s a line of thought that unites a group of friends fro Mem Martins. NastyFactor (António), Tem-P (Harold), Prizko (Tiago), Neck (André) and Papillon (Rui) are neighbours and friends and given this geographic closeness and harmony, they decided to get together to make music. They have worked with artists like Same The Kid, NBC and Sir Scratch. These experiences were certainly decisive in the solidification of their spot in Portuguese hip-hop. This group’s talent caught everybody’s attention as evidenced by their presence on stages such as MEO Sudoeste, in 2014 and 2017, through Orelha Negra’s curation. GROGNation offers us a hip-hop marked by a keen social critic. “Nada É Por Acaso”, the project they released in 2017 shows us this group’s good shape. It features collaborations from producers like Cálculo, Jucizy, DJ Ride, NastyFactor, METAMVDNESS, Sam the Kid, Holly, Fabrice, Neo Beats or Lhast! “Moio”, “Chama-me Nomes” and “Barman” are some of the songs you’’ll be able to hear in Sumol Summer Festival’s next edition.