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Monter Jinx: SlimCutz and E.A.R.L. (DJ Sets)

Monster Jinx is simultaneously an artistic collective and a music publishing and distribution platform dedicated to the launch of independent sonorities and uncompromising ideas. It was founded in 2008 and it has more than 40 releases, always based on the Independency as the motor vehicle for its artists. It houses musicians, MCs, DJs, producers, illustrators, photographers and videographers, thus making a multi-disciplinary team somewhat superior than the sum of its parts. At Sumol Summer Fest, it will be represented by the DJs SlimCutz and E.A.R.L.

E.A.R.L., born and raised in Oporto constantly seeks new sounds from the older ones. In spite of his enormous passion for collecting discs, he doesn’t neglect the web research. His quest to understand space and time is something that really transpires in the music he makes. As a DJ, we can expect a set focused on traditional hip-hop with the guarantee that he will make everybody dance.