Joey Bada$$ is Jo-Vaughn Scott rap moniker, and listening to him, we can assure the future of hip hop is in good hands. With an indie posture that doesn’t forget the street experience, Joey doesn’t settle for an entertainment hip hop and reaches subjects like social inequity, police repression and USA’s street violence.

Joey set the scene for his blooming talent. With his friends Capital Steez, CJ Fly and Powers Pleasant, Bada$$ formed the Pro Era Colective, one of the most exciting groups in the last decade of hip hop history.  The solo milestones came right after, with the success of “1999”, “Rejex” and “Summer Knights” mixtapes, mandatory records for those who want to grasp the rappers potential. “B4.Da.$$”, his first album, released in 2015 has strong 90’s hip hop influences, without missing his generation anguish.

In 2017 arrives “ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$”, his latest record, that keeps up with hip hop history and the will to bring his reality to his rap, questioning and provoking the listeners, voicing the preoccupations and realities of those without a voice. This conscience rap also carries hope, and tracks like “Devastated” and “Land of the Free” puts this Brooklin boy ahead in the hip hop worldwide scene.